H&J Speake provides electroplating, including barrel, rack, and electrophoretic plating, for cast products in need of increased protection and elevated appearance.

Through these varying processes, we can provide Zinc, chrome, nickel and lacquer plating; the most suitable plating finish will be determined by our team in line with the requirements of a project and expectations of our clients.

Our encompassing plating services are performed in conjunction with pre-treatments and polishing operations for the best quality finish.

The quality and reliability of H&J Speake’s British manufactured cast parts have enabled our decades of operation as a business, working with established companies across a global supply chain for the delivery of high volume critical components.

It is our dedicated team, working hand in hand with clients throughout our comprehensive casting service, which enables H&J Speake to provide complete customer satisfaction for our quality cast parts.

Whether seeking increased durability and strength, or for decorative purposes, plating offers many advantages as a finish to both our zinc and aluminium parts. With the provision of Zinc, chrome, nickel, and lacquer plating, H&J Speake can cater to a variety of requirements.

We offer both barrel and rack electroplating for high volume small or large components, selecting the most appropriate method for each project. In-depth design consultations with our experienced team will determine this during the initial stages of a project.

H&J Speake can further provide delivery of cast components, guaranteed on time, for all industries.

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