Powder Coating

H&J Speake offers powder coating for a decorative and long-lasting finish a variety of products.

We offer powder coating in all colours, for a varied service which meets customer expectations. Cast products are pre-treated prior to powder coating to ensure a high quality and professional finish is attained.

The experienced team at H&J Speake are happy to talk to our clients regarding our powder coating finishing service, and which finish is best for their unique product. Powder coating offers enhanced product durability, longevity, and aestheticism, however may not be suitable for all product applications.

Our family-run business, throughout our decades of establishment, has built up industry knowledge and is able to offer an advisory service which best guides our clients through which of our finishing services is most appropriate for them.

Our powder coating service is available for both zinc and aluminium high volume cast products, of various weights. With experience providing components for door and window hardware, leisure, and other sectors requiring enhanced durability and aestheticism, H&J Speake’s bespoke powder coating ensures our British manufactured goods meet all project specifications.

If powder coating is not a suitable finishing method, H&J Speake’s flexibility when working with cast components ensures we can offer various other alternative finishes, working hand in hand with clients to determine the best processes for them.

This is all backed up with full delivery of products, ensuring parts are guaranteed to be delivered on time.

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