Zinc Diecasting

H&J Speake provides high volume, hot chamber zinc die castings, for the provision of essential products which are critical to your business operations.

Highest Quality Zinc Die Casting

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality zinc die castings, guaranteed on time, every time - supplying our customers with a reliable source of componentry which meets all expectations. For this reason, we are trusted by established companies across a global supply chain for our work.

Over our decades of operation as a family-run business, growing our ability to provide high levels of service, H&J Speake has continued to flourish within our industry as an leading zinc die casting manufacturer. Our high quality and varied portfolio demonstrates the capability of H&J Speake to produce honest and reliable zinc componentry, trusted by a range of industries, from window and door hardware and building products, to leisure and automotive components.

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    We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure we understand and meet the requirements of their unique projects, and employ this time and time again for a straightforward and simple production process you can trust.

    H&J Speake’s zinc die casting production services range from design to delivery, supporting our customers throughout a comprehensive service which is tailored to their requirements. We offer advice and guidance throughout this process to ensure our parts are perfectly suited to their application.

    Our zinc die castings are produced using 20-125 tonne fully automated hot chamber die casting machines, which are compatible with existing tooling for seamless product migration, or for the creation of new and bespoke tooling.

    We manufacture zinc alloy parts of various weights, using a highly automated process which increases design and manufacturing efficiency and repeatability across batches, ultimately lowering costs and shortening lead times.