H&J Speake provides polishing to prepare cast products for further plating operations.

During our decades of operation, the experienced team at H&J Speake have worked on all types of products across various industries; it is through this that we have catered for a range of unique project requirements, with experience delivering a variety of finishes fit for numerous applications.

Our polishing service creates a smooth and defect-free surface, producing a high quality finish perfect for further finishing operations such as plating.

By holding our clients’ hands through our encompassing casting service, from design consultancy to final finishes, H&J Speake offers professional and well-rounded advice, in order to deliver complete customer satisfaction with a product that meets all expectations.

It is this industry expertise and experience, passed down through four generations, that enables H&J Speake to form ongoing relationships with market leading customers, for the reliable provision of critical products, guaranteed on time, every time.

H&J Speake works with both zinc and aluminium parts of various weights for casting and secondary processes. Our British manufactured products are created to the highest quality, with durability and aestheticism of parts enhanced through secondary processes such as our polishing and plating services.

We offer a range of plating finishes, including chrome, nickel, and lacquer plating for polished and pre-treated cast products.

Our comprehensive service is completed with full delivery of products, ensuring our service can be relied upon by all industries - time and time again.

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