For the production of high performing parts first time around, H&J Speake provides solid zinc and aluminium prototyping along with 3D printing in polymers

Our professional prototyping service creates an accurate representation of the desired end product, relaying the mechanical and dimensional properties of the part for further evaluation and modification.

During these early development stages, areas for improvement can be quickly identified by our team and clients, saving time and money further down the line - which is particularly beneficial for the high-volume batches we specialise in.

H&J Speake works closely with our clients whilst undertaking new casting projects, guiding clients from initial concept development through to final finishing operations. Prototyping allows us to not only create a physical and visual representations of the final product but also serves to involve clients during the early stages of the manufacturing process to ensure all expectations are met.

It is our dedication to the quality and performance of parts which ensures H&J Speake delivers complete customer satisfaction.

H&J Speake offers solid zinc and aluminium prototyping along with 3D printing in polymers, creating prototypes which convey the properties of the end product for increased accuracy and quality during production. We can achieve this for products of various weights, across all industries.

H&J Speake offers a flexible service, from concept development to full delivery of parts, with prototyping available for the creation of new products, or the modification of existing ones. Our friendly team has years of experience within the industry, offering design consultancy backed by CAD software, to inform the creation of highly accurate prototypes and end products.

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    A prototype for a die cast product will typically be created through machining the desired product from solid Zinc or Aluminium. This is the most accurate method of creating a direct representation of the final product, ready for testing and evaluation. We can also offer prototypes which are 3D printed using a polymer material.

    It is not always beneficial to create a prototype prior to manufacturing, however for high volume batches it will save both cost and time in the longer term by highlighting any issues which may occur once production commences.