When undertaking a new proposal, H&J Speake offers design assistance and concept consultancy to determine the feasibility of a given project.

We welcome projects at all stages and understand that our customers can approach us during varying points of a project’s development. With decades of generational experience, the team at H&J Speake can provide design consultancy no matter the maturity of your project - from new concepts, to the migration of existing products.

During design consultancy, we work closely with our clients to determine what can and can’t be achieved during the die cast process, as well offering design guidance to produce a quality part within the parameters of a project’s requirements. Not only do H&J Speake hold our clients' hands throughout this process, but we continue to offer an advisory and supportive service during ongoing processes.

Design assistance and consultancy at H&J Speake are supported by the implementation of software to help clients visualise the end product. As part of this, we offer reverse and re-engineering of existing products, creating CAD models and drawings of current products to assist your decision making.

H&J Speake offers this service across all industries, with experience partnering with leading companies across global supply chains, for the creation of various sized products. Our consultancy services benefit by a broadening of our expertise and knowledge, passed down through generations, enabling us to cater to various clients

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