H&J Speake provides high quality, fully automated tapping, for the production of highly accurate threads.

Our internal threads are guided by automated machinery, for increased time- and cost-efficiency when partnering with H&J Speake for cast products. We moreover have the ability to cast external threads under circumstance - our experienced team working with clients to determine the best course for their products.

Just like our casting services, the comprehensive secondary operations performed by H&J Speake continue to place quality at the forefront of what we do. Tapping procedures are undertaken to tight tolerances, for precision made threads.

In cases where a cored hole is not possible, H&J Speake performs a drilling operation, creating a hole in preparation of tapping procedures or to take a self tapping fixing.

Our family-run business works closely with our customers over ongoing production processes to ensure we meet expectations every time, whether casting or performing auxiliary secondary operations such as tapping.

Incorporating a highly automated process into our comprehensive services, H&J Speake can be relied upon for the delivery of quality British manufactured parts, guaranteed on time, every time. We offer full delivery of parts, for total peace of mind that products will be delivered safely and within agreed project timescales.

H&J Speake can do this for both zinc and aluminium, producing cast parts of various weights for high volume projects.

Our experience working with all types of industries, including window and door hardware, automotive and the leisure sector, enable our team to provide an advisory service for all customers.

Our supportive service guides clients through design consultancy, to finishing operations, with our team successfully managing projects for the best product outcome.

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