At H&J Speake, we work with both new and existing die cast tooling to create quality British cast components.

We make custom dies for both zinc and aluminium castings, our team working hand in hand with clients to design and manufacture tooling which delivers the tight tolerances and dimensions required of your end product.

This can all be achieved with time and cost efficiency at the forefront. H&J Speake’s incorporation of unit dies and smaller inserts into our processes enable us to manufacture unique moulds whilst adhering to the time and budget restrictions of any given project.

For further financial assistance, H&J Speake can also offer the provision of tooling, free of charge*.

We moreover work with existing tooling, for those looking to migrate products to a new manufacturer. The expert team at H&J Speake are well versed in modifying existing tooling to suit our manufacturing process. Reverse and re-engineering facilities are also available for this cause.

Decades of industry experience allow the team at H&J Speake to provide an advisory and supportive service for clients throughout, from the creation of tooling to the finishing of parts.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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    The primary tool used in the die casting process is the die, otherwise known as a mould. The die is typically made from H13 grade steel, and features a cavity, which takes on the reverse shape of the part or component being produced. Therefore, a unique die must be created whenever a new product is introduced. We are also able to modify existing tooling if changes are required.